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Thursday, 03 September 2009

There are seven planters in the town centre and eleven flower troughs attached to the town name signs on the roads as you enter the town. Would you like to help by adopting one of these? All that is needed is the plants replacing for winter and spring and a little bit of care and attention throughout the rest of the year, in particular watering when we have a dry spell (so not too often!). If you wish to volunteer to look after a planter or trough, please contact the Town Council office.

Emergency Advice Guide PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 03 September 2009

Just over a year ago the Town Council produced an Emergency Advice Guide which provided residents with information on what to do and who to contact in emergencies. The Guide was distributed to all households in the town.  This Guide is reviewed annually and updated where necessary. The only alterations that need to be made to the Advice Guide this year is a change to two telephone numbers. These are as follows:- Newark & Sherwood District Council (Emergencies) is now 01636 650000 and the Transco (Gas) number has been deleted and the National Grid (Gas Emergency Service) 0800 111 999 is to be used instead. If you want another copy of the Guide please contact the Council office.

Friends of CORA PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 06 April 2009
What, you may ask, are the Friends of CORA?
King and Queen Street ramps PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Motorists and pedestrians should have already noticed an improvement to the ramps on King Street and Queen Street. The roads were closed during the last two Sundays and repairs undertaken by the County Council to the ramps which had partially collapsed soon after they were installed. The repairs are looking good - but the Town Council will be monitoring them very carefully to note any signs of sinking.

The last ramp to be done will that at the top of the Roewalk and this will be done on March 8th.

Other good news is that work is due to begin on creating the new footpath along Kirklington Road towards Maythorne on 2nd of February. This will be a great benefit to  local residents and to the many visitors who walk the Heritage Trails.

New bus stop helps elderly residents PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 17 January 2009

Residents of Moorfield Court on Nottingham Road are very pleased that  new bus stops have been put up within a few yards of their homes. This means that they can get into Southwell or Nottingham without the tiring walk up the rise on to the nearest bus stop on Nottingham Road.

The Town Council has been working for several years with the County Council Highways Department and the bus company to get a bus stop in this area and are very pleased that this has now come to fruition. The Town Council also hopes that the new stops will encourage more people to use the (FREE) car park at the rear of the Leisure Centre for all day parking, whether it is to go to Nottingham to work or shop or to go into Southwell for the day. The buses run every 20 minutes, the new vehicles are 'state of the art' and VERY comfortable.

Why not give both the buses and the car park a try?

Good news on a new footpath to Maythorne PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 27 November 2008

The part of Lower Kirklington Road which leads to the hamlet of Maythorne is incredibly dangerous. This route is well used by pedestrians making their way to and from Southwell as well as by walkers on one of the local Heritage Trails. Traffic is very fast along this stretch and the road is narrow, leaving little safe space for pedestrians to walk.

Southwell Town Council has energetically supported Maythorne residents in their bid to get a footpath along this stretch of road. After nearly three years of effort we have finally heard that work will begin on a footpath in the New Year.

Excellent news! 

Update on repairs to the speed ramps and other Highways issues PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Work on repairing the ramps has been put back and will not commence until Sunday 23rd November 2008.

The County Council have recently engaged consultants who will be looking at possible lorry restriction zones within Nottinghamshire. We would hope to be consulted in this exercise and it could be very beneficial for us if Southwell were to be included.

There is concern about motorists who are parking inconsiderately around the town. Some residential streets as well as the roads on and around the Burgage have become very conjested with vehicles belonging to people working nearby. The Town Council owns two FREE carparks, one at Memorial Drive and one behind the Leisure Centre on Nottingham Road which have plenty of room for all day parking. We would encourage residents and visitors to use these rather than cause problems for residents and allowing a safer flow of trffic through the town.

The rapidly deteriorating condition of Newark Road continues togive considerable concern. This road, along with the Ropewalk has been top of the Town Council's 'Priority List' for several years yet there does not appear to be any sign that any re-surfacing is scheduled for either. It was a surprise then, that both Crink Lane and Hopkiln Lane have both had  a new surface in recent months as neither of these had been identified as being in need of such measures.

The Highways Group of the Planning Committee is also concerned that the signage for the junction at the mini roundabout at the Saracen's Head is confusing and gives conflicting instructions. The location has seen many 'near misses' over the years. The group would like to see the mini roundabout removed, the A612 revert to being the major road and vehicles travelling from from King Street having to HALT at the junction. There is no perfect solution to the problem as the visibility for drivers is poor when approaching the junction from Church Street. However, the group feels that its suggestion is the LEAST DANGEROUS way out of the problem.

Repairs to the speed ramps on King and Queen Street PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 09 October 2008

Nottingham County Council have advised the Town Council that any 'failed'  construction under the blocks of the ramps will now be replaced/strengthened as necessary, rather than a material called 'IMPRINT' being used.Specialist staff from TARMAC will lift and relay the damaged areas of blockwork. There is o guarantee that the repairs will be 100% succesful as both roads are subjected to 'unusual traffic stresses'. However the County Highways department have stated that if the repairs are successful, this could set a precedent for similar repairs elsewhere.

Work is expected to commence during half term week (October 27th).

County Council change policy on gully cleaning PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 15 August 2008

It is very good news to hear that the County Council will be changing their policy on county-wide gully clearing.

A decision to clear gullies only once a year was introduced by the County Council in 1998 as a cost saving exercise. However the County Council's select committee says that this decision has proved to be a 'false economy' and this decision has now  been overturned. Gullies will now be cleaned in the Spring and Autumn.

Blocked gullies which prevented a freeflow of rainwater was considered to be a large contributary factor to the flooding in Southwell and other places during the exceptional rainfall in June and July 2007.

Southwell residents have been very helpful in identifying gullies which are blocked or which overflow even in relatively short but severe rainfalls. A map of the town with these gullies marked has now been removed from the Bramley Centre and the Chairman of the Town Council Planning Committee will be presenting it to the Chairman of Nottinghamshire County Council's Environmental Services so that there is a record of problem areas.

Town Plan Questionnaires PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 04 August 2008

Thank you to everyone who filled in their Town Plan Questionnaire.

The return date for completing them was extended for two weeks  as there had been porblems with distributing all the copies to residents.

All the completed questionnaires which were handed in to the 'drop off' points have now been collected and work will soon begin on analysing the responses. the Town Forum will then put together the new Town Plan for 2008-2011. This will create the 'blueprint' for Town Council plans and will be distributed to all residents when it has been completed.

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