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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Local elections – do you want to make a difference?   

 May 2011 will see local elections taking place in many areas of the country, including Southwell. Here there will be an election to select three councillors to represent the town for four years at Newark and Sherwood District Council and also to choose fifteen councillors to sit on Southwell Town Council for four years.
Some of your current councillors will be retiring or standing down in May and it is very important that all parts of the town are fully represented on both councils. If you take an interest in what goes on locally, would like to get more involved in your town and would like to know more about becoming a councillor, you can obtain a leaflet entitled ‘Guide to becoming a Parish or Town Councillor’ from the Town Council office on 816103 or you can contact the local political party of your choice.
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Wednesday, 15 September 2010


New bridges

A new wooden bridge is now in place between the Minster Fields and Harvey’s field and another has been erected over the stream at the Station Road end of Riverside. This has been welcomed by the staff at Cauldwell House as they can now walk the whole length of Riverside with their charges.   

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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

New meadow land for Southwell  

The Town Council has recently bought land behind Hill House and between Church Street and Burgage Lane. This is adjacent to the piece of land previously donated to the Southwell by Richard and Liz Froggatt and this whole area will be managed by the Town Council in perpetuity as meadowland, providing an open area for residents and visitors alike to enjoy. The area will be seeded with wildflowers…..all seed donations welcome.  The whole of this beautiful stretch of open land in the middle of the town will be known as ‘Froggatt’s Field’ and with the Town Council’s blessing Mrs Froggatt will be erecting a stone to record this.


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Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Dog orders


Several dog walkers were present at the meeting of the Parks and Open Spaces Working Group on 3 August. In principle it was agreed that dogs should be ON lead on Memorial Ground and Minster Field and OFF lead on Harvey’s Field. However there are issues regarding signage and whether there should be a gate/fencing to delineate the free running dog area. These proposals will now go forward to the full Town Council meeting on September 25th.
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Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Trees to be inspected


 The Town Council is responsible for several green areas in the town all of which have many mature trees on them. A rolling programme of tree inspections has been introduced with this year’s being scheduled for the Autumn. Unfortunately it has been confirmed that the beautiful large beech tree in the middle of the Burgage does have to be taken down due to disease. A replacement tree of a different species will be planted as soon as possible.  

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Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Southwell skaters


 Thanks to all the boys from the Minster School who have been helping the Town Council with sorting out the repairs to the half pipe in the Skatepark.  These students have formed a club and are aiming to raise funds and look for sponsorship for upgrading and improving the equipment in the future. 

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Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Keeping you informed  


A reminder that the Town Council notice board is situated just off King Street in the Admiral Rodney courtyard. The agendas for the main Council meeting and the Planning and Finance Committee meetings are put up here a few days before every meeting. The dates of these meetings are also on this notice board.  Look out for the new board that will shortly be installed near the Spar shop on Leeway Road. Funding is being sought to buy two small information boards for Maythorne and Normanton.
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Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Church Street Development


 The Town Council held an open meeting where the proposals for this site were discussed. The Planning Committee voted unanimously to object to the development, supported by the 60 residents that attended the meeting. We will keep residents updated with what Newark & Sherwood District Council decides
Chairman's Annual Report 2009/10 PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 11 June 2010


Being elected as Chairman of Southwell Town Council was a great honour for me and my family. When I first considered standing for the Council becoming Chairman never crossed my mind. So I would like to thank my fellow Councillors for allowing me to represent them and the Residents of this Town which means so much to me. I would also like to thank my wife Anna and son Matthew for putting up with my disappearing acts!


 I feel that, once again, this has been a busy and successful year for the your town  and its’ council. I hope that we have engaged more directly with residents through community events and ‘open’ meetings. In addition to this broad aim, the Town Council has also aimed to continue  working on a series of initiatives, several of which are part of the implementation of the previous Town Plan which hopefully benefited the residents to the town. And I look forward to a new Town Plan to be implemented shortly to realise future goals for the Town.
One of the main highlights of the year was the Town’s success in the Best Kept Village Competition. Best New Entrant was supplemented by Best in Over 2000 category. The feeling of pride in receiving the award for Best in Nottinghamshire will be difficult to beat. The judges complimented the Town on the high standard of its open spaces, shopping areas and the community work by residents in their  gardens. I must make special mention of our Groundsmen (Steve and Paul) for their continued great work and also the office staff for their outstanding support for them and us as Councillors.
On becoming Chair I’d hoped that we might continue the good work of previous Councils not only for our residents, but our traders, shops and businesses alike and in attracting visitors. The Southwell Tourism partnership has gone from strength to strength but I’m not sure that we can improve the Lantern Walk - which filled the Library to overflowing and which has become so successful new venues are already being considered. By now there should be a new programme of events where now established events such as the family fun days, the Folk Festival and our Champions of Southwell awards will take place. The Tourism Centre is a great addition to the Town but would not be as successful without its loyal band of volunteers to whom we should all be very grateful.
Another great success from Tourism was the Beating Retreat held on the War Memorial Recreation Ground. The Band of the Royal Anglians was splendid and the entertainment excellent but it reminded us what a truly wonderful place the Park is. It should continue to be used by all residents but we all have a duty to look after it.
We have, at last, acquired lease rights to Minster Fields (the Church Street site playing fields) and negotiations continue to ensure that the area is kept open and free from any development. It is hoped that we may, in the future, be able to purchase the land but these matters take time.
The Parks and Open Spaces Committee have managed to improve – and will continue to improve - playing facilities at both War Memorial and Norwood Gardens Play Areas. Consultation with users continues at the Skatepark.     
Town Council has developed initiatives with the Minster School and Nottingham Trent University (NTU), Brackenhurst. It is hoped the STC can co-ordinate some joined up thinking on Safer Routes to School initially with the Minster but Holy Trinity and Lowe’s Wong being an integral part of any discussions together with the 20’s Plenty Campaign and STAG. This includes safer crossings at all Primary Schools. NTU are developing a series of nature walks to supplement the very successful Heritage Trails which are well established around the Town. We hope that by working together that this network of trails will help stewardship and environmental issues around the NTU campus.
STC is proud of the Safer Neighbourhoods Group which is establishing closer links with organisations in the Town together with PC Tony Hayes and his sidekick PCSO.
Transport and Highways Working Group has maintained its close liaison with Officers of NCC and achieved notable success, especially along Newark Road. It continues to lobby for work on the Southwell ‘Inner Ring Road’ from Market Place, Queen Street, Ropewalk, Lower Kirklington Road (LKR), The Burgage and King Street.  LKR has already had work to paths and pavements and we hope that the road will receive attention in the very near future. The Ropewalk dominates discussion and we hope that our continued work will bear fruit.
Major ongoing projects include the results from the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) which are now gathering pace. STC will continue to consult with residents to achieve a favourable outcome for the Town. From a personal point of view I believe that it has to be recognised that a solid and manageable infrastructure should be in place before the Town can be expected to consider growth on the scale suggested.
Finally, I would like to reflect on the high point of my year in the Chair. The Freedom Parade for 2nd Battalion Mercian (Worcesters and Foresters) Regiment truly demonstrated the community of Southwell at its very best. I was very proud when the Mercians accepted and invitation from STC to parade in the Town; humbled by the Thanksgiving Service in the Minster; grateful to receive a gift from the Regiment on behalf of the Town. But nothing will remain in the memory as the sight of King Street filled with Residents paying their own tribute to those young men and women that continue to give in Service. Thank you all so much for making not only this day but also my year as Chairman so memorable.
Cllr Andrew Gregory

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Tuesday, 08 June 2010
Thanks again to RWEnpower for their support of local events. Not only has it sponsored the Southwell Town Council Newsletter but has also given generous support for a local event in the next few months. The Town Council applied for and has been awarded a grant of £1920 to put on a special event in the town. The grant will be spent on improving and expanding the Lantern Walk event with extra lantern making workshops and additional lighting on the route of the Walk


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