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Tuesday, 09 February 2016
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Southwell is a delightful market town which has much to offer visitors. It has a rich historical and architectural heritage which includes a magnificent Minster which is over 900 years old and numerous Prebendal houses.

byrons_house_in_january.jpgThe town’s links with Lord Byron who lived at Burgage Manor (left) for several years are well documented as are the last hours of King Charles 1 which were spent in the Saracens  Head Inn (then known as the Kings Head).

Southwell is also the birthplace of the famous Bramley apple and the original tree which, still bears fruit, can be seen in a private garden in the town centre. The bicentenary in 2009  of this  world renowned apple is commemorated in a window in the Minster.

Southwell is the hub for a wide variety of annual events throughout the year. Music in the Minster every month, the ‘Family Funday’  and the Folk Festival (which attracts thousands of visitors to the town) both in June, the Bramley Festival in October and the ever popular Lantern Walk (right) in December are only a few.


Go to http://www.visitsouthwell.com for even more information.

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Come and enjoy our cafés, restaurants and shops while spending a day (or longer) in our historic town and see it for yourself.


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